The Southeast’s Premier Concrete Slipform Highway Contractor

Specializing in all shapes of median barrier wall, either variable or symmetrical and concrete bridge barrier with traditional or architectural finish.

Concrete Slipform Median &
Side Barriers

  • Various asymmetric and superelevated applications for state specifications
  • Reinforced and non-reinforced barriers
  • Median and side barriers
  • Slipform and formwork

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Barrier with
Architectural Finish

  • Vast array of texture, patterns, and graphics
  • Imprinted on front, back, and top, if desired
  • Aesthetically integrated
  • Attractive landscape feature

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Slipform Bridge

  • Various state specification shapes and sizes
  • Bridge sidewalks
  • Retrofit applications
  • Tapered and vertical flared back bridge rails

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Blount-Sanford Contracting Company is a concrete slipform contractor specializing in all shapes of median barriers (symmetrical and variable height), side barriers, bridge barriers, and parapets. The barriers can be finished with a traditional or architectural (stamped pattern) finish. Based in Lilburn, Georgia, Blount-Sanford travels 14 states in the southeast from Delaware to the north and Louisiana to the west. We have established a branch in Lakeland, Florida to better serve the Florida region, as well as a branch in Salisbury, North Carolina to take care of projects in the Carolinas. Since our inception in 1982, we have established a reputation in the construction industry as a leader in service, quality, integrity, and innovation.

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